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Accessibility and Special Needs

Please let our staff or your case manager know what resources you need before your child's clinic visit, hospital stay, or surgery. 

Interpreter Services

Services for patients who are deaf, hard of hearing, or limited English Proficient (LEP) include American Sign Language Interpreters (in person), telephone-based interpreting, and video-remote interpreters. Learn more here, or contact our Diversity Department at 423-778-7337.

Parking for People with Disabilities

The UT Erlanger parking garage offers reserved parking for patients with disabilities. Vehicles without a disabled parking permit will be towed from these spaces at the owner’s expense.


Wagons are available through Child Life in the Emergency Department and on the inpatient pediatric floors. They help families easily and conveniently navigate the hospital, and offer children a fun diversion from what can be a stressful time.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in all clinics and departments of Children’s Hospital except operating rooms or other highly controlled and sterile environments including intensive care areas. Service animals are not pets, companion animals or therapy dogs. We apply the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, which define a service animal as “one that is trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.” These animals do not need special permission to come to Children’s Hospital.

The Family Advisory Council

Led by parents who have had extensive experience at Children's Hospital, this group serves as the voice of parents with hospital staff and physicians.

The Child Life Program

Dedicated to caring for the emotional needs of children. Games, playrooms, pet therapy, special guests and activities,as well as distraction tools used during treatment, transform the hospital into a more comfortable setting for children.