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Pediatric MRI

Here's what to expect when you come in for MRI imaging at Children's Hospital

1. You will arrive right in the waiting room.

2. You will get checked in and wait for them to call you back. 

3.  You will change out of your clothes into a hospital pajama gown. 

4. The door outside of the MRI has signs about using caution with the magnet in the camera! How crazy that the camera uses magnets to take pictures!

Closed MRI Door

 5.  If the doctor ordered your MRI with contrast, they will start your IV before your MRI. This is a tiny straw that goes into one of your blue lines (veins) so they can give you contrast, or special water during the pictures to make everything show up really well like a highlighter. Your caregiver can be right next to you the whole time! There is a bed you can lay on or a chair you can sit in. They have freezy spray there to use!

IV Table at MRI RoomIV Chair in MRI Room

6. We think the MRI camera looks like a BIG white donut. Just like at the doctors office, everyone will have a mask on to help keep you safe!

Nurse by Pediatric MRI

7. Here is a closer picture of the MRI machine. See, a BIG white donut!

Pediatric MRI Machine

8. The tech will be right outside the whole time. They will be able to talk to you over a speaker. You can ask them to let you know how much longer you have after each picture to help prepare you for how much longer you have to be still.

Tech Outside MRI Machine