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Smoke Be Gone Clinic

Helping teens beat the dangerous addiction to cigarettes, vaping, and dabbing

Through a collaboration between our adolescent medicine and pediatric pulmonology specialties, Children’s Hospital at Erlanger is pleased to offer Smoke Be Gone, a new smoking cessation clinic. This multi-disciplinary clinic addresses the medical and psychosocial needs of teens, 13 – 21 years of age, involved with the dangerous addiction of cigarettes, vaping, and dabbing.

What to Expect During a Visit

  • Initial visits begin with a pulmonary function test, followed by a meeting with our adolescent medicine specialist. This specialist talks with the teen in the presence of his/her parents and then one-on-one, gathering as much information as possible.
  • The initial visit also includes a physical exam that covers oral, cardiac, and pulmonary evaluations.
  • Our adolescent medicine specialist evaluates the patient’s medical history, social situation, high-risk behaviors, and his/her level of motivation for change.
  • An individualized treatment plan is prepared accordingly, sometimes involving pharmacological assistance. Both patient and family leave the clinic with information about resources that will bolster cessation efforts, including opportunities for peer support and online engagement.
  • The Smoke Be Gone team checks in with the patient by phone 1-2 weeks after initial visit to encourage and evaluate progress. A follow-up clinic visit is scheduled after one month of cessation efforts--or earlier, as needed.

Referrals originating from the teen’s primary care physician, pediatrician or concerned family member can be scheduled by calling 423-778-KIDS (5437).

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