Preparing Your Child For a Procedure

Click on the links below to learn about, and help your child prepare for, common procedures and tests preformed at Children's Hospital.

COVID-19 Tests

Radiology/Imaging Procedures

Surgical Procedures

Orthopaedic Procedures

Neurology Procedures

Cardiology Procedures

Support from Child Life During Your Test

Child Life Specialists are trained professionals who help children and families understand and cope with the hospital environment. A Child Life Specialist may be available to help prepare and support your child during the test. To speak to a Child Life Specialist prior to your appointment, please call 423-778-6818. Or click here to learn more.

Nasal Swab COVID-19 Test - What to Expect

Throat Swab COVID-19 Test - What to Expect

Cast Application - What to Expect

 Cast Removal - What to Expect

Pediatric Sleep Study - What to Expect

Echo Test - What to Expect

EKG - What to Expect