Michael was 18 years old when he received shocking news. He was a normal high school senior, playing basketball with his team, when he collided with another player. On impact, he heard a pop in his neck. He didn’t experience any pain, only swelling. After a few weeks, the swelling hadn’t subsided. So, Michael visited his local hospital for a CT scan. That’s when he received the news he never expected — he had a tumor in his chest. Michael was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. He was then transferred to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger where he received specialized treatment from doctors with expertise in this type of cancer.

There, Dr. Avery Mixon helped Michael and his father understand the diagnosis, treatment, and what to expect going forward. After a week and a half of staying in the hospital receiving regular chemotherapy treatments, Michael experienced his first miracle. X-rays revealed that the tumor in his chest had dramatically decreased. What was once a hand-sized tumor had reduced to almost nothing. Michael was able to return home much earlier than expected where he received weekly chemotherapy for several months. The treatments took a toll on him, and Michael had to reenter the homebound program while he regained his strength. Michael made it through the tough bouts and began the maintenance phase of treatment. He was able to complete all of his school work, attend his senior prom, and even graduate high school fourth in his class.

Now, Michael is enrolled in college maintaining an A average, and his health is quickly restoring. With support from his family and the numerous friends he has made along the way, Michael is on the right path to beating cancer.

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