Jacob‘s journey began in early September when he was diagnosed with scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine. The condition called for extensive surgery in the form of a multilevel spinal fusion. The procedure went smoothly. But 10 days later, Jacob had to return to the hospital due to complications, and the next day he took a turn for the worse. He developed an infection in his bloodstream and was experiencing sepsis, a life-threatening inflammatory response. Very sick, Jacob was rushed to emergency surgery. His parents thought they were going to lose him. The bone grafts to heal Jacob’s scoliosis had to be removed and he remained on a ventilator for several more days. There were four surgeries during a two-week span. But with the passage of another week, Jacob was stable enough to have the bone grafts put back in and start on his road to recovery.

Jacob’s mom, Gina, could not say enough good things about the staff at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. “They are the most compassionate, hardworking people we have ever met. The knowledge and fast response to Jacob’s critical situation is why he is still alive. Being a nurse myself, I was so impressed with the level of care we received. His surgeon made sure we knew what was happening and was such a comfort during the worst of his situation. His nurses took such good care of him and me for that matter. In fact, every staff member we came in contact with was friendly and asked us if there was anything they could do for us or if we needed anything.”

Jacob continues with his physical therapy and is recovering well. Gina says, “There is no doubt he is our miracle. There are no words that can come close to the way we feel about Children’s Hospital at Erlanger and are so thankful that it is in our area.”

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