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Severe headaches were the first sign that something might be wrong with Estrella’s health. As a middle school student she began to experience headaches so painful that she described them as a feeling of “someone stepping on my head. It was just too much pressure.”

One Monday morning, her headaches became so intense that she could no longer stay at school. The principal called her mother who brought Estrella to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger for specialized medical attention.

Estrella was diagnosed with a brain tumor which required several months of chemotherapy treatment. Though necessary to fight her cancer, the chemo was powerful, and left Estrella feeling too weak to participate in normal activities. Treatments left her so dizzy she had trouble simply walking, and would often need wheelchair assistance.

But with a positive attitude and lots of determination, Estrella was able to complete her treatment. Now 12 years old, she is working to regain her strength and is looking forward to all the fun that her future has to offer.

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