On December 20, 2014, William rushed his expectant wife Candace to the Erlanger emergency department. Just 23 weeks pregnant, she was having abdominal pain. When they arrived at the ER, Candace found out that she was fully dilated and her baby was already in the birth canal. Physicians tried to slow Candace’s labor with medication, but soon her water broke. She gave birth to a baby boy, Amir, via emergency Caesarean section. He weighed only 1.3 pounds and had to be resuscitated. In the following days just as Amir was starting to stabilize, he was hit with an infection that required him to be on two ventilators at once. Everyone feared he would not survive. But little by little, Amir improved. And after 126 days in Erlanger’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, he was released with oxygen therapy.

Amir is now an active little boy who is hitting all of his developmental milestones with no problem. Candace says, “I am so proud to be Amir’s mom. He is truly a miracle.“

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