On June 5th, Aiden’s family went to the lake for a fun day of boating with friends.  Everyone was enjoying knee boarding, swimming, tubing, and just hanging out with the kids.  Family friend, Landon, was in the water knee-boarding behind the boat while Aiden was sitting on the front of the boat. The next thing they knew, Aiden was in the water between the boat and Landon. 

Troy, Aiden's dad, jumped into the water and swam to him immediately.  Landon reached him next, and together they started trying to get Aiden back to the boat. But soon they realized it would be quicker for Troy to swim back and bring the boat to Aiden. Landon stayed with Aiden in the water, applying pressure to cuts on his body, while Troy swam back to the boat and drove over to get them. Terri, Landon's wife, and Aiden’s mom, Julie, called 911 and got towels ready to put pressure on his wounds

They got Aiden into the boat and went to work with the towels. By the time they reached the dock, the ambulance was there.  The paramedics assessed his injuries and called for LIFE FORCE. It took several minutes for them to get Aiden stable enough to travel.  He needed both blood and plasma. 

When they arrived at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, the ER team went into immediate action, working on Aiden for over an hour to get him ready for surgery. Drs. Pete Kelley, Jason Rehm and Michael Gallagher were among the doctors working together to save his life. When his family was able to see Aiden late that night, he was sedated with a breathing tube. His injuries included a severed sternum, a lacerated kidney and spleen, two nicked lungs, a skull fracture, a ripped spinal membrane, a nearly detached ear, a cut to his jugular vein, a fractured jaw – as well as serious puncture wounds to his mouth and right hand.

Aiden stayed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for four days. But the morning after the accident, his parents started seeing what a miracle Aiden really was.  The doctors and nurses all began expressing how everything had happened just perfectly for Aiden to have survived. Every injury was only a millimeter away from a major organ. One of the LIFE FORCE personnel even told Troy and Julie that Aiden was “one in a million” to have survived and recovered so quickly without complication.

Julie says, “Aiden was saved only by the grace of God. We were able to get our call out to 911 in a normal dead zone. We were able to apply pressure to his cuts. The emergency personal responded quickly and with such precision. The doctors and nurses were amazing. The list goes on and on. We are so very grateful and overwhelmed by the entire situation.  We give God the glory and are so thankful that He allowed us to be placed in an amazing hospital like Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. From the ambulance personnel to the LIFE FORCE team, the ER doctors and nurses to the AMAZING staff of Erlanger – we could not have been in better hands!”

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