Sophia Abigail “Abby” was born at 27 weeks weighing only 1lb. 13 oz. She spent 220 days in the NICU and was diagnosed with chronic lung disease, hypertension, metabolic bone diseases, pneumonia, MRSA colonization, and cytomegalovirus infection.

It’s a long and intimidating list of conditions – and a long stay in NICU – for one so little to face. But Abby persevered with courage and with the help of the region’s highest level of care for premature newborns. Now home in Cartersville, Ga., she can focus on a fun list of things she likes – playing, sweet potatoes, Sesame Street, Caillou and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Abby’s parents, Butler and Maria, credit the doctors, nurses, and staff at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger for making their experiences during Abby’s early struggle wonderful. “We are grateful for Children's Hospital. Without them, my daughter wouldn't be here.”

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