Visitation and Deliveries

The following visitor guidelines apply to inpatient rooms not under special restrictions. Please note that special rules apply to restricted areas such as surgical units and intensive care.
Learn more about visiting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Visitor’s Pass

All visitors must enter Children’s Hospital through the main entrance where they will receive a visitor’s pass. Visitors must wear this pass at all times while in the hospital.

Staying overnight

Parents, guardians or caregivers are not considered visitors, and may be with their child anytime. However, some units may have room for only one caregiver to stay overnight with their child. Staying bedside depends on the patient's condition, available space, safety and type of care being provided. Ask your nurse. Siblings and visitors may not stay overnight. See visitor guidelines for NICU.

Visitor restrictions

  • Sometimes only parents or guardians are allowed to be with their child. This might happen during cold and flu season or when infection risk is high.
  • If a parent/guardian/responsible adult over age 21 is not present, then no one age 21 or younger is permitted to stay alone with a minor patient.
  • Visitors who are sick or have been exposed to an illness are not allowed in any unit.
  • The unit coordinator will call your child's room before sending a visitor to the room.

When you must be away

If you cannot be at the hospital, talk with your nurse. The unit coordinator can help you designate two adults who can be with your child while you are away.

Deliveries of Flowers, Balloons and Gifts

Gift deliveries from Erlanger’s Auxiliary Gift Shop are delivered by volunteers directly to the patient room, unless there are visitor restrictions or the patient is in intensive care. Deliveries from outside vendors are delivered to the hospital entrance desks, where the delivery is logged. When available, a volunteer will bring the delivery to the patient room. Visitors to patients may take gifts directly to the patient when visiting. For questions about a delivery, call our main line at 423-778-6011. The Auxiliary Gift Shop can be reached at 423-778-7436 (ext. 7436). For health reasons, some units restrict what patients can receive:

  • Entire hospital: Only Mylar (foil-type) balloons are allowed
  • Intensive Care Units: No balloons, live flowers or plants
  • Cancer Care Unit: No live flowers


You can have food delivered from nearby restaurants for dining in non-restricted areas.

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