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  • At Children’s Hospital at Erlanger the leading cause of unintentional injury to children is falls.
  • Pediatric injuries resulting from falls account for almost half of the admissions to our Pediatric Trauma Services.
  • Pediatric falls occur as result of many types of activities.
  • Some of the leading causes of outdoor falls are associated with bikes, skateboards and scooters, playground equipment, and trampolines.
  • Pediatric indoor falls are associated with open stairways, furniture tip-overs, and television tip-overs.

KOHL’S Safe and Sound Program is committed to preventing these injuries

Bike Safety Tips

Furniture and Television Tip-Over Prevention Tips

Playground Safety Tips

Trampoline Safety Tips

All classes and information offered through Kohl's Cares are free of charge and are designed to promote awareness of and aversion strategies for day-to-day situations that may pose preventable risks to children.

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