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Improving the quality of programs that impact teen patients


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The Teen Advisory Council at Erlanger (TACE) serves as a forum to explore areas of interest to our teen patients and their siblings. Open to adolescents and young adults who receive their care at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, the committee makes recommendations and suggestions to improve the quality and quantity of programs that affect our teen patients. Members commit to attending a monthly meeting, and to sharing ideas with hospital administration, clinicians and employees. TACE plays an important role in helping our hospital grow and improve, and it helps our teen members gain leadership experience, as well as public speaking and presentation opportunities.

Apply to join the Teen Advisory Council at Erlanger

If you are interested in serving on the Teen Advisory Council at Erlanger, please:

  • Complete our online membership application below.
  • Ask a member of your healthcare team at Children’s Hospital (anyone who has provided care for you) to write and submit a letter of recommendation for the council to face@erlanger.org. This recommendation will be kept confidential.


Membership Application

Name  *Phone (home and/or cell)  *City / State / Zip  *E-Mail  *Date of Birth  *Indicate areas of Children's Hospital service(s) you've experienced: 

List details or other hospital services you've experienced: Your School  *Your Grade:  *Are you available to commit to monthly council meetings? (Attendance is required to be a member of the Teen Advisory Council) Interests/Hobbies Please share why you would like to be a part of the Teen Advisory Council at Erlanger: How did you find out about the Teen Advisory Council?