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Children's Telemedicine Services

Making Quality Health Care Accessible for Every Child

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile
School-Based Health Center (SBHC)

Mon – Fri
7:30AM – 3:30PM (on school schedule)

Call 423-298-4469 for Care Mobile Schedule

Blythe Bower Elementary
Cleveland Middle School
Lake Forest Middle School
Waterville Elementary

Every child is precious and unique. At Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, we utilize innovative measures to make medical care more accessible for all children in our community. We know that it can be difficult to transport loved ones to clinic appointments. To ease this burden, we introduced the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, a mobile school-based health clinic that travels to four schools in Bradley County to provide care for these students. More recently, we also launched a school-based telemedicine program to address the healthcare needs of students in medically underserved counties.

Telemedicine is a HIPAA-compliant technology which allows Children’s Hospital practitioners to remotely diagnose and treat children at their school. Advanced technologies such as a Horus Scope and Littman TeleSteth allow our providers to examine patients using high-resolution video and real-time sound relay in a face-to-face computer format. 

Our Telemedicine Schools

  • Bradley County Schools: Black Fox Elementary, Bradley Central High School, Charleston Elementary, Hopewell Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary, Ocoee Middle School, Park View Elementary, Prospect Elementary, Taylor Elementary, and Valley View Elementary 
  • Bledsoe County Schools: Bledsoe County High School, Bledsoe Middle School, Cecil B. Rigsby, Mary V. Wheeler Elementary, and Pikeville Elementary 
  • Cleveland City Schools: Arnold Elementary, Blythe-Bower Elementary, Candy's Creek Elementary School, Cleveland Middle School, Cleveland High School, Mayfield Elementary, E.L. Ross Elementary, Stuart Elementary, and Yates Elementary 
  • Grundy County Schools: Coalmont Elementary, Grundy County High School, North Elementary, Palmer Elementary, Pelham Elementary, Swiss Elementary, and Tracy City Elementary 
  • Meigs County Schools: Meigs County High School, Meigs County Middle School, Meigs North Elementary, and Meigs South Elementary 
  • Sequatchie County Schools: Sequatchie Elementary, Sequatchie Middle School, and Sequatchie High School

Bringing Specialized Care to You

Due to the success of this program, Children’s Hospital is now expanding telemedicine services to offer remote medical care by pediatric subspecialty providers. Children diagnosed with asthma can be seen by pulmonology specialists while at school to ensure better control of their symptoms and reduce the need for emergency room visits. Pediatricians requiring specialty consults can also remotely access providers at Children’s Hospital directly from their offices via telemedicine and remain an active participant in the specialty care of their patients. Sound intriguing? At Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, children are our top priority and we will continue to embrace novel approaches to medicine to ensure that quality health care is accessible to every child.


Patient Registration Forms

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Consent Form

Please print and complete the four-page Consent Form prior to your Mobile Care visit.

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