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Other Child Life Services

Special Guests or Visitors

Pet Therapy

  • Child Life supports a valued and highly treasured program at Children’s Hospital in its pet therapy program. Hospital approved therapy dogs and their owners visit the children on the inpatient floors as well as the outpatient clinics twice daily. These beloved animals and their owners provide companionship and emotional support to our young patients. Nothing is more moving than to see a sick child light up when one of their furry friends rounds the corner. Dog handlers and their owners are invaluable members of our care team; increasing laughter and bringing joy to our children in need. Learn more here, or contact Nicole Tetzlaff, B.S., CCLS, 423-778-5907, Nicole.tetzlaff@erlanger.org

The Cheer Cart

  • Kids at Children’s Hospital can pick items from the Cheer Cart to pamper themselves or have fun while in their hospital rooms. Do you - or your club, organization, community group, school organization - want to help make this fun resource even better? If you would like to help spread some cheer, check out our Cheer Cart Wish List.


  • Our playrooms and play areas are a place for fun, safe, and social interaction. Children can participate in crafts, special events, games, and/or books. Patients and siblings, accompanied by an adult family member, are welcome in the playroom.
  • Our rooftop garden is a place a patients, along with their families, can escape the hospital walls and enjoy outdoor toys, plants, flowers and a water fountain.


  • Child life specialists perform two very specific functions – to encourage happiness and to ease sorrow. While it is a less common situation, child life specialists also help families grieve the loss of their child through an established bereavement program. The bereavement program ensures children and their families receive support at the time of a child’s death. Whether it is holding a butterfly service for a child who has lost his battle with cancer or cradling a new infant who has just taken her last breath, the child life specialist is there to comfort a grieving family. It is a tradition at Children’s to hold a bi-annual remembrance service each year to memorialize those children who have lost their lives – the staff read the names of each child to honor each life and the family left behind.

Family Centered Care

  • The Child Life Department supports the Family Centered Care mission throughout the hospital. Through programming and the Parent Advisory Council, the Child Life Department ensures we meet the needs of the pediatric patient and the family. Finally, the department maintains a movie channel that provides appropriate entertainment for children and families in all the patient care areas throughout the hospital.