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Congratulations to Our 2019 Nurse Excellence Winners!

The Erlanger Health System Professional Nurse Excellence Award is an annual program to honor the ultimate nurse. The ultimate nurse is someone who consistently demonstrates exceptional caring, compassion, competency, commitment, and service excellence. 

Catherine Schlang – Children’s Hospital at Erlanger

Congratulations to Catherine Schlang, Children’s Hospital at Erlanger’s 2019 Nurse Excellence Winner! Catherine was nominated by her coworkers because she cares for our most vulnerable patients in the neonatal intensive care unit with love and compassion, similar to that of a mother. Parents of her patients have raved about her personalized approach to care. As an Erlanger employee for more than 20 years, thank you, Catherine, for your continued dedication to world-class care.

Susan Vick - Baroness Nurse Excellence Winner

Susan Vick - Erlanger Baroness Hospital

Congratulations to Susan Vick, Erlanger Baroness Hospital’s 2019 Nurse Excellence Winner! Susan was nominated for her never ending dedication to patient care and safety. Susan goes above and beyond for her patients and their families, recognizing that caring for the family also helps care for the patient. She demonstrates compassion in everything she does. Thank you, Susan, for the excellence you practice in your work every day.

Shawna Walker, Nurse Excelence Winner for Bledsoe HospitalShawna Walker – Erlanger Bledsoe Hospital

Congratulations to Shawna Walker, Erlanger Bledsoe Hospital’s 2019 Nurse Excellence Winner! Shawna was nominated by her coworkers because she is a patient advocate, helping her patients and their families in extraordinary ways, listening to her patients, and providing comfort and a sense of safety. Shawna serves as a mentor to other nurses through her clinical and communication skills. Thank you, Shawna, for everything you do!

Eizabeth Perry - Erlanger East Nurse Excellence WinnerElizabeth Perry – Erlanger East Hospital

Congratulations to Elizabeth Perry, Erlanger East Hospital’s 2019 Nurse Excellence Winner! Elizabeth was nominated because she has the heart of a servant leader, always lifting her team members up and surrounding everyone with positivity. Elizabeth’s “all in” attitude makes a huge impact on her patients and coworkers. She treats her patients and their families as she would close friends and puts their needs as a top priority. Elizabeth, thank you for leading by example every day!

Brenda Little, RN

Brenda Little – Erlanger North Hospital

Congratulations to Brenda Little, Erlanger North Hospital’s 2019 Nurse Excellence Winner! Brenda was nominated by her coworkers because she goes the extra mile for her patients. Brenda has a special touch that comforts her patients, letting them know that they are seen and cared for. She makes it her mission to ensure that no one feels forgotten. Thank you, Brenda, for always putting forth the maximum effort with a smile on your face.

Vicki Steele - Nurse Excellence WinnerVicki Steele – Physician Practices

Congratulations to Vicki Steele, Erlanger Physician Practices’ 2019 Nurse Excellence Winner! Vicki was nominated by her team for never giving anything less than her best. With more than 40 years as a nurse, Vicki strives to show respect and kindness to everyone she interacts with. She works every day to help make a positive difference in the lives of those around her. Thank you, Vicki, for your many years of remarkable service at Erlanger.

Amanda Berry - Erlanger Western Carolina Nurse Excellence Winner

Amanda Berry – Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital

Congratulations to Amanda Berry, Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital’s 2019 Nurse Excellence Winner! Amanda was nominated by her team for her consistency in compassionate care. Along with her uplifting leadership, Amanda’s passion for helping others inspires her coworkers. She is quick to help when she sees a need and often goes above the call of duty. Amanda demonstrates thoughtfulness and kindness in every aspect of her position and beyond. Thank you, Amanda, for everything you do!